Small group Medical

Small group Medical

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In aim of making sure you are healthy, this policy provides healthcare coverage to mitigate the risk of health deterioration and disease. The purpose is to assist the insured where an illness or injury makes it necessary to receive medical or surgical treatment in hospitals and medical centers.

Risks Covered

All customary medical expenses incurred during hospital confinement for surgical or medical treatment, including:


  • Maternity: Normal and caesarean delivery, legal abortion and miscarriages
  • Emergency: Immediate need for treatment due to an accident, Injury or Illness
  • Ambulatory Plan covering the diagnostic tests and treatments (Labs, X – Rays, Scanners, MRI etc…) which do not require hospital confinement
  • Prescription Medicine Plan covers the medication prescribed by physicians
  • Doctor’s Visit Plan covers Consultation fees and expenses at Clinic or at Home related to the medical services rendered
  • Dental treatment
  • Vision


  • Coverage available outside KSA


In the case of hospitalization:

  • Unnecessary hospitalization, Organ donation, Congenital cases, Dialysis, Mental & Psychiatric disorders, Rest Cures, Custodial care, Special Diets, Suicide or Self inflicting injury, Alcoholism, Drug addiction, Abuse of Medicines, war coverage, Hazardous Sports (Parachutist, scuba Diving etc…), Ionization, Nuclear Contamination
  • Prosthesis (Unless necessary due to an accident), Cosmetic Surgery, Nose Surgery unless necessary
  • Infertility, Sterility, In-Vitro, Ex-Vitro, Sexually transmitted Diseases
  • Parkinson Disease, Falling Hair, Genetic Tests and Procedures

For Ambulatory Use:

  • Routine checkup
  • Tests related to Infertility, Thalassemia, HIV, Sexually transmitted Diseases

Prescribed medicine:

  • Beauty and Cosmetic items, Vitamins, Household hygiene, Antiseptic products, Hair treatment, Sexual fortifying products, Sexually transmitted diseases, Sterility & Infertility treatment, Mental disorders, Nervous breakdown

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