E-Services IT

E-Services IT

Elite's in-house technology always moves at the speed of technological advancement. We have deployed an in-house platform by the renowned software provider EA Soft.

The platform simplifies the process for our staff to document, manage and track company operations and pending issues for clients. This intelligent and efficient platform facilitates the process of document submission and policy tracking. It is connected to a large secure database that has a dedicated in-house Oracle database management team constantly monitoring and evaluating data entry, ensuring client confidentiality and smooth transactions.

Benefits of our E-Services:

  • Monitoring scheme performance
  • Obtaining membership and claims reports
  • Insurance certificates
  • Automatic scheduling and issuing of reports
  • Claims lists and payments
  • Outstanding claims, paid claims, and recoveries

What You Can Do:

  • Manage your endorsements via a web portal constantly monitored and supported by Elite representatives
  • Retrieve printable versions of production and claim reports
  • Generate Excel or PDF files for their endorsements
  • Have constant follow-up on pending issues by Elite’s team
  • Track payments and recoveries and their vehicle repair process in case of an accident


Elite is recognized for building strong partnerships with top global insurance companies which eventually become lifetime affiliates.

We have a history of providing excellent Property and Casualty, Motor and Medical reinsurance for large corporations through these affiliates. Reinsurance is critical for managing an organization's risk profile, which in turn is key to managing an organization's corporate health. After understanding its clients' needs, Elite will leverage in-depth understanding of the Insurance market's technical components coupled with a personalized approach to tackle your needs and concerns. Our teams of underwriters, actuaries and Insurance marketing professionals, we broker a coverage that will leave you fearless.

Facultative Reinsurance

Facultative Reinsurance

Facultative Reinsurance is a form of reinsurance in which a contract is negotiated for a specific insurance policy.

This type of reinsurance is purchased when a policy is too large of an investment, and the original insurer is looking to split liability risk. In such instances the policyholder is not informed about the fact that his policy has been reinsured, unlike Coinsurance where multiple insurers share in the risk of a policy collectively.

We provide insurance companies with technical knowhow to design and place reinsurance solutions within regional and international markets. Our flexible and responsive structures enable us to approach global markets and complete placements quickly and efficiently. Elite has an unrivalled relationship with reinsurers worldwide, providing best standard in facultative support. Our ability to compete in all areas of facultative reinsurance has earned us the reputation for being a pioneer in the FAC sector regionally.


Risk Management

Risk Management is widely viewed as the cornerstone of every company's capital structure nowadays. A poorly constructed program may leave your organization susceptible to major long-term setbacks, insolvency and bankruptcy.

Using our disciplined approach to risk management, we develop a solid knowledge of your business as well as your unique goals and objectives. As the nature of risk grows increasingly complex, you need a team of specialist working together on your behalf.

We combine our expertise to create tailored risk management solutions that effectively and innovatively address your concerns. Through our risk advisory services, we help clients understand which choice of risk management tools are available and will be most suitable for them. This is achieved by working closely with independent third parties who are specialists in the risk assessment and mitigation field. Our services are available to all clients, irrespective of where they place insurance programs and can be structured per project basis or as part of a fully integrated risk transfer program.

Risk Management

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